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   __________  ______
  / ____/ __ )/ ____/  C bracket count
 / /   / __  / /      Version 0.1
/ /___/ /_/ / /___   Date: WS 2004/05
\____/_____/\____/  Author: Gebhard Woestemeyer <houyhnhnm@avaschni.de>

0. What are we talking about?

This program counts brackets, parentheses and lines from C source files
read from stdin and prints its output to stdout.

1. Installation

  './configure && make && make install'

should be enough to get it running. If you like hilighting and
command-line options, append '--enable-hilight' and '--enable-clo' to
./configure. Make sure that you have curses and popt installed.
On Debian systems a simple

  'apt-get install libncurses5-dev libpopt-dev'

should do.

2. Usage

	$ cbc --help
	Usage: cbc [OPTIONS]*
	  -d, --delimiter=STRING     delemiter to the text
	  -l, --line                 print line number
	  -c, --curly                print curly bracket depth
	  -p, --parentheses          print paranthesis depth

	Help options:
	  -?, --help                 Show this help message
	  --usage                    Display brief usage message

-p, -c, -l are enabled by default. The default delimiter is '|'.

3. Finally

If you find bugs, please send them to houyhnhnm@avaschni.de.
Patches are always welcome :-)